RENOVA COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION   -  Rebuilding Our Communities
    Founder's Inspiration
Renova Community Organization was founded by, Mrs. Elizondo in March 2010 and inspired by many men and woman of faith. Mrs. Elizondo who resides in the DFW area.   A devoted wife and mother of two grown young men. She has a strong foundation in faith. Mrs. Elizondo had worked tirelessly assisting other organizations.
In providing disaster relief and assisting in various family and community services for many years.
She just couldn't turn her back on all she had seen over the years. She had to do something. Mrs. Elizondo had to find a way to engage the  public and provide for these needs. Through this service with other organizations and different churches. Mrs. Elizondo was still passionate and wanted to do more. For those in crisis with her own organization. Powered by a very involved Board of Directors of 5 and a team of dedicated volunteers. All with a strong conviction to help those in their greatest of need. In addition to providing disaster relief support. Mrs. Elizondo also wanted to provide assistance in her own community of the DFW area, with a satellite office in San Antonio, Texas. Mrs. Elizondo quotes, nothing blesses me more than seeing faith built in lives of believers and unbelievers. When God brings His miracle - working power onto the scenes throughout our staff and volunteers. No matter what's happening in our lives and world today. We have an opportunity to make a differences. Each day is a new beginning. Don't just make a difference be the change.
 Board Members Inspiration
Ms. Martindale is our Vice President of Renova Community Organization, who resides in the Bexar County community home of the San Antonio Spurs. Ms. Martindale is a very strong and family oriented woman with a desire to help people in crisis. Joined hands and shared the same heart of members of Renova Community Organization. That's how it all began for her but right at the start she was hit with a crisis of her own. Her son was diagnosed with Astrocytoma or known as Low Grade Glioma. Realizing her hands were tied no matter how much she wanted to change things she couldn't. She could only do one thing and that was trust God for her son's healing and life but she didn't stop there. That's where her faith began and God was moving her in other directions. Her situation motivated her not just to help people in her community and in disasters areas. In addition to target families that are in or have been through the same crisis, through the PICU  Program with the support and assistance that is needed. Ms. Martindale's inspiration is her son. 'Who is one of God's many miracles'. She states, bless it be His name and to God be the glory.
Ms. Martindale experiences in life, is the example that God has given her and determined to better serve people. In the situations that life brings. You never know how strong you are until hardship hits home but God doesn't give you more than you could bare he carries you through.
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