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A-Linelectricalis the electrical company that we use to get the job done. They have served the Dallas area & surrounding City's in Texas for many years. For our security & safety they are fully bounded and insured. For our peace of mind. We are one of the many satisfied customers whom attest to their integrity professionalism and high quality performance.
Leonard Flowers is man who has comedy in his heart. But a passion for young people with autism and other disabilities. While running a race assisting young people with the trials and challenges of life. He was found to run another race as cast member in the starring comedy The Ringer. With Johnny Knoxville, Katherine Heigl, Christina Cartwright,  And Brian Cox. With comes by Terry Funk and Jesse Ventura. Directed by Barry W. Blaustein. Release December 23, 2005. He is very active in his community of San Antonio Texas. He's now assisting with Renova Community Organization. Not just as a partner but a devoted volunteer with our PICU Program.
The Making Of A Lady
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