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About  Us
Renova Community Organization is a faith base non-profit, charitable humanitarian organization. Renova is led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of Renova's Community Organizations. Renova was founded in 2010 by a group of people with a passion and vision to provide others with the tools needed to rebuild our critical communities. Our organization is based on the belief that our communities needs are of the utmost importance. New and  stronger futures are our hope and we plan to rebuild our communities for generations to come.  Revitalizing our communities so families can live, work, and raise families. We provides equal opportunity. At  Renova we take on the task to rebuild communities, homes and businesses that were damaged and/or destroyed by natural disaster and various tragedies that hit our neighborhoods. We do this by making it affordable for people that live there and for future residences.  We are pleased to represent a faith base organization and enjoy  being a blessing to others. There is hope of restoring our communities and making our neighborhoods a better place to live. We are obligated to find the best solution in your time of need.  Our entire organization is committed to meeting those needs. As a result a high percentage of our business services is from repeated customers and referrals. 
Our Vision
Renova Community Organization: Our vision is to Restore and Rebuild our broken and torn communities, families, and lives in our world today. 
Our Mission Statement
"Renova Community Organization is a faith base non-profit, charitable humanitarian foundation dedicated to restoring and rebuilding communities, assisting families and
making a difference in people's lives in our communities internationally."
We would like to welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in this industry.
  Renova Community Organization
   Rebuilding Our Communities !!!
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